Word Swipe Answers

Word Swipe is a word finding puzzle game that is developed and published on mobile app stores by Wordfun GamesWord. Do you consider yourself a person who is good at finding words and playing word games? Word swipe is a creative new word search game with sceneries that are beautiful and puzzles that are tricky to solve sometimes. It gives you the chance to play easy and is simple way to train your brain by tapping and swiping on your mobile screens.

Some of the top features of Word Swipe are:
Word search puzzles that are very Creative.
You will search and swipe letters in order to find hidden words.
The blocks of the letters will collapse after you find the correct word.

It’s an addictive clue-based word finder.
A brand new kind of word finder game designed to tease your brain.

It has clear animations and Beautiful Landscapes
With this game you get access to clear graphics and animations for each swipe or tap. You can easily search hints or shuffle the letters to get help.

This game has thousands of levels and gets pretty fast pretty challenging and it’s right for you if you like a challenge.

Word Swipe has a rating of:
4.7/5 on Google Play
4.8/5 on App Store – Apple
4.9/5 one MEmu