Word Snack Answers

Word Snack is a game similar to word connect and it is published on both Ios and Android Play store by published Publisher: APNAX Games

This fun and word game called Word Snack offers you the possibility to discover hidden words and you just have to swipe letters to Build/Form words and finish the puzzles.

You will be able to enjoy hours and hours of gameplay and enhance your word finding skills also helps with improving your spelling of the words.
Some features of this awesome game include:
Addictive playing and fun.
Thousand puzzles that are unique to this game.
Improving vocabulistics.
Traing your brain with challenging.
There are Daily Puzzles posted for you.
You can play without internet.

This game is for true word puzzle lovers!

It has a rating of 4.7/5 on Google Play
Platforms: Android, iOS